aisha thought 1

sometimes, i go through phases where i have to wonder what the next step is. and when i say “next step”, i don’t mean this in any intangible futuristic non-concrete fashion, but really… in which direction should i take my next step? should i walk towards the bathroom to stare at my pores in the mirror? or should i walk to the kitchen for a glass of merlot? should i walk towards my wallet to pick it up and run to the bodega to buy something to drink other than wine? maybe i should. or should i remain stagnant, not just in my bed, but in life. i mean heck, i don’t work, don’t want to, so i might as well stay in bed… or maybe i should exercise… who knows. i have to go back to class on monday. oops, wrong. tuesday. law school i much more fun than i thought it would be. my thoughts are racing. i haven’t eaten in a while. maybe i should have a salad. maybe i should go out for lunch. i shouldn’t spend this much money… i don’t have any sort of income. hmmm… what was i getting at? hmmm. i have to read about 100 pages of legal jargon for tuesday. maybe i’ll fall in love on my way to school.