Slice of life

Aaah, life seems like it could be so much more exciting in retrospect. I could have done this while I had that and when I was still this… How annoying – I wish I could spend more time DOING rather than HOPING, and then THINKING in retrospect why I didn’t DO. Is that grammatically defunct? Anyways. Why do I always tell myself to “live life to the fullest” but it seems I only fall short of the Glory God has set out for me? I can be soooo lazy, but somehow, despite this laziness, I always come out alright. But I know my life is worth more than just this moment, that I can do more with my talents, and that my talents need to be reworked, nourished and developed. Whenever I update long lost friends or family members with a slice of my life, they revel in my so-called accomplishments, but I don’t believe I have accomplished much. I find that I’ve maintained a “just passing” grade in life, remaining afloat of my self-imposed status quo. So it is 12pm right now, I am set to go to lunch at 1pm, and I have essentially wasted away the morning at work. Today is the day I redeem myself. Today, I will shoot for the moon, today, I will actually WOW through my work and not simply complete a task satisfactorily. Everyone is so proud, but I do nothing. I rather not be recognized when I deserve it, than receive accolades when I shouldn’t (and therefore don’t deserve the accolades). The next time I share a slice of my life, it must be nothing short of amazing.