Cuz I am not the one…

Monday, March 5, 2007
Let’s just say this is an addendum to my previous blog of top things I can’t stand… Free-thought questions that have flooded my mind as of late

Why do men want what they can’t have? And why do women keep falling for the lure of the chase? Why do so many people in the south wear gold teeth? Why do men want the good Christian woman, but don’t want to do the work to be a good Christian man to attract them? Why are singles ministries at churches always filled with desperate women? Why aren’t the desperate men going, and why do I always have to run into these desperadoes? Why are my neighbors so triflin? Where did this stereotype that white people write letters when they have a problem come from? Why do we women have to wear our sins on our bodies? Why do people try to mask disses with fake compliments? When is it ever possible to use the term “you people” while talking to anyone of any creed or sex without offending them? Why is Jay-Z born in 1969 and yet sings “30 is the new 20”? Shouldn’t he be singing 40’s the new 30 since he’s about to turn 40? Why do people keep complaining about not wanting to have to think about what they say? Why have we allowed oursleves to become bigots who are prejudiced against new immigrants? Why don’t we show a little love? And last but not least, why do men try to cover their bases with the lamest excuses? – i.e.: “I’m reeeeeaaaally busy doing the same exact thing you’re doing,” “I’ve got a big unknown project I can’t tell you about,” “I’m reeeaaaally broke so I can’t drive more than 10 miles per day… it burns too much gas,” “My phone doesn’t work in that state,” “I’m not ready for a relationship (even though all you wanted was to meet up for coffee – just wanted to make sure you weren’t confused)” “I want to hang out, but I’m more of a home-body. So maybe you should come over next time… after 12am that is,” “I didn’t call because I didn’t want to interrupt your weekend – I know you were out of town”