I can’t lie… He is indeed THAT fly!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

When we are going through rough times, it’s always difficult to remember not to become so self-centered in our problem(s) that we make things worse by wallowing in self-pity… So today, at 12:14am… April 17, 2007 {by the way, happy birthday Ethan} I propose we praise God and lift Him up on our crummy days… You know what I’m talking about – the day your hair won’t lay right, you got a parking ticket, you failed an exam, got rejected from another job you applied for, got fined a penalty by Blockbuster, realize you have TONS of school/job work to do AND your new ‘boo’ dumped you {or maybe you dumped her/him, and are feeling crutty for it}. Oh, and P.S., your rent’s due mutha%$#!!!


Imagine how amazing the day shall be when you overcome all these temporary obstacles! Imagine how deeply you will begin to understand how blessed you are when you start to thank Him for your adversities! The spice of life requires a bit of misery, and I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that we are blessed by things all going our way – us being happy all the time. Not true. I would be very happy NOT to have to go to any of these wretched law school classes, and NOT to have to wash the soapscum out of the bathtub. Like, you know… let this blasted semester end now, let the soapscum build – like immediately and whatnot. But how would I enjoy my graduation if I did what I “wanted” – just got lazy {or laziER rather… lol} and myspaced my life away? How lasting would that joy be – the laziness in not wanting to clean the soapscum – and then realizing weeks later that I haven’t bathed because I’ve been waiting for my roommate to step up to the plate & get his scrub on? What I have realized is that all trials, all difficulties, all tribulations are essentially preparation for life. I’m not ready for God to fulfill the desires of my heart on my time – before I broke a sweat trying to figure out how badly I had those desires. I am where I am in my life, and I’m proud of that broken nail, my torn Achilles heel, my headache, all this schoolwork and more! Thanks for blessing me in ways I don’t even understand! I tell ya, I can’t lie… Jesus is indeed THAT fly!!