politics from a dummy

Sunday, June 25, 2006

so this weekend i was supposed to party w/friends, cousins, line-sisters, etc… but instead, i camped in the house with moms and chatted the whole weekend. i left ny with questions, and i feel like i’m on the brink of a revelation, or maybe a confused trip down politics lane.

FIRST, is the anti-abortion movement really “pro-life”? On the extreme end, there are people trying to blow up abortion clinics… ok, clearly not “pro-life.” I don’t know many anti-abortionists that donate time or money to help support parents considering abortion. Shouldn’t we all be trying to offer support to the pained person seeking an abortion – isn’t that what they usually need? Some type of emotional, or financial support? Why condemn them? Further yet, though health insurance is expensive, shouldn’t we be supporting free health care for all children if we want to stop abortion? Maybe the person considering abortion would have kept the child if they thought they could afford to keep it. If we know people will fornicate, and further yet, that they will stupidly have unprotected sex when they clearly can’t afford to get pregnant, shouldn’t we be in support of birth control? Why aren’t we concerned with the forces that cause one to abort? Why this burning at the stake?

ALONG the same lines of the so called “pro-life” movement, doesn’t american politics seem anti-children? Since poor people have more children per family, what are rich people doing to keep their numbers so low? I would presume it is birth control. Should we not make birth control more readily available to everyone? Not only that, but about stay-at-home parents… Aren’t they basically on “welfare”? If one parent works and claims their spouse as a dependent, they receive a tax cut from the government based off that parent staying home & the children they are caring for. Since people who are actually ON welfare receive so little money, when we say we are anti-welfare, shouldn’t we equally protest the middle-class/rich stay at home parent? Shouldn’t we tell him/her to go get a job so that s/he can stop collecting money from the government? Now we certainly wouldn’t want to do that – we want children to be reared by a parent that has the time to care for them. So what are we doing as active citizens to make sure that every child is being raised by a parent that has the time to raise them? Shouldn’t we be working towards communal raising? Does it make sense that we americans will tolerate spending billions per month on war, but we object to spending millions on feeding and caring for children? Shouldn’t children be all that we fight for? Whatever happened to children are the future? Well then shouldn’t education be a fundamental right then?