Real Men are Feminists

*written Thursday March 13, 2008*

A real dude, who does real things is a feminist. A Godly man, who seeks the heart of God is ready for an “ezer kenegdo” {ezer: powerful helper/strong savior; kenegdo: alongside} in a woman. You can’t expect a woman to *submit* to you if you are a man who rejects her feminine power (*submission* as charged during the time of the fall of Adam & Eve, suggesting that this is woman’s curse, not woman’s natural state of existence to be submissive to her spouse). Only a real man is worthy of, and can handle a feminine, adventurous, furious, passionate, devoted, beautiful, resilient, emotional, warrior woman who he knows he can depend on when he desperately needs her. He needs to seek her, adore her, pursue her & upon her satisfaction, she will support him, protect him, comfort him, defend him, etc… Simply put, a real dude who does real things, a real manly man… is a feminist. I have to admit that the chorus from Jay-Z’s song “Real Ni&&as” is stuck in my head – but the overall lyrics of the song are waaaaaaaay off point, but the chorus rings true… REAL *brothas* DO REAL THINGS, and the real thing I am referring to is recognizing how powerful we women are! Rejoicing in our femininity, unique wiring and reflection of God. Think about this – women are creators, comfortors, saviors, soothers and more – these are powerful womanly attributes that identify God within us. Who comforts more than God? Who is more wrathful and furious than God? Admit it, you know more wrathful/furious women than you do men. Are wrath and fury purely manly attributes? No – men and women, we complement each other because we were molded as alternate reflections of the same Divine Being. So I appreciate and cherish the manly attributes of God that I see in my fellow man, and all I ask is that my Christian brothers (and every other man really) recognize the womanly attributes of God that are found in us women. No man worthy of the love of God should be intimidated by our God-given power. Can’t you see that the reflection of God in us is why we women give men grief? Men complain about women being too complicated – well, sorry… frogs are more complex than single cell amoebas having being later creatures in God’s creation. Therefore, as the CROWN GLORY of creation, I shall naturally be more complex than you dear man. Not superior, merely more complex, and men need to recognize this. The rebellion in our human hearts divides us from God and divides us from each other. We are women… We need to be romanced – we can have it no other way, because that is how God has wired us. We must be adored, desired & romanced – just as God does. God doesn’t go chasing you down the street looking for your love! Some crazy bitch might chase you down the street to cut you. And to be perfectly honest, God’s fury will chase you to exert wrath upon you for your disobedience. Doesn’t it all line up? So my words for today are this:

Love God, love women
Adore God, adore women
Romance God, romance women
Pursue God, pursue women
Appreciate God, appreciate God’s reflection… ME!

and if he does all these things, then I will submit to my spouse!