When I Grow Up, I wanna Be a Public Defender

Before I say anything else, I must protect myself with a series of caveats. Caveat #1 – no story I refer to will be based off anyone else’s private information, so let’s not get our panties in a bunch if something sounds familiar!

Caveat #2 – if you are one of my supervisors and you are reading this, don’t take it personal.  I love working with you.

Caveat #3 – I believe in wild words.  Meaning, I am a Free Speech enthusiast.  As John Maynard Keyes put it, “words ought to be a little wild for they are assaults of thought on the unthinking.”

That being said, let’s roll!

When I grow up, I wanna be a public defender.  I want to make ridiculous requests such as demand that NYPD have some founded suspicion that illegal activity is afoot before detaining individuals.  I want to invoke the language of that absurd document – what is it again? ah, yes… the U.S. Constitution and remind the court of my client’s right to be represented by competent counsel.  I’d also like to be outrageous by advancing an individual’s interests even if their desires go against the grain of mainstream societal wishes. I want to be a jerk and remind the prosecutor that they bear the burden of going forward on every single criminal case.  Yea, that sounds about right.  My mission is to be a ridiculous, absurd, outrageous jerk!

Public Defender in Action!

Public Defender in Action!