Frustrated Practice

My mind is flooded with frustrations about my practice. While starting a post on the talented artists of Horizon Academy at Rikers Island, I suddenly started thinking about the parents who don’t bail their teens out of jail. Which led me to ponder on finishing up the story of what happened to my client in my last post. And this led me to the everpresent Racial Profiling by NYPD officers. My mind is is flooded with questions of my law practice in light [or rather, in spite] of NYC’s defunct criminal justice system…

– Why is my caseload so high, that I don’t remember the faces of my clients when I run into them in court? So high that I can’t keep up with my motion schedules? So high that I avoid going to trial because it will throw me off track with about 20 other cases? So high that sometimes I wish and hope my client wants a plea deal?
– Why do judges invite and encourage lawyers from other offices to “step in” to take pleas with MY clients? – Why am I urged to waive my client’s appearance when s/he is incarcerated?
– Why are my 16 and 17 yr old clients more likely to have bail set despite the fact that they are too young to vote? – Why do Judges so readily set bail whenever the prosecutor asks for it?
– Why are people with the longest records not eligible for treatment programs when we know they need it the most?
– Why have I never represented a white man for turnstile hopping despite having witnessed THREE white men commit the offense?
– Why are there so many police officers arresting blacks and latinos for marijuana and crack use but hardly no whites?

Too many questions. Too little time to effectuate the change to rid my mind of them. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®