i used to read your blog

From a friend of mine I haven’t seen in 5 years… and it’s not this dude in the picture

<<i used to read your blog.
then i think u started becoming some kind of feministic, communistic, green tree hugging, socialistic, peace loving, brother bashing, creolistic, vainified, sassified, borderline dykafied, wannabe port-au-princed, fugee-ristic, boricua-boricua, i only eat turkey bacon and sip fine wine kind of blogger.
I mean…when was the last time you went to Popeye’s and kept it real? Or the last time you drank some Colt .45? Or rode the bus and didn’t wipe down the seat before u sat down? Or went 3 days without a bath?

wait…hold up…you on twitter too???? *almost fell out chair* OMG…are you getting bigheaded on me? Don’t you know that those who twit about themselves all day long are the very definition of egotistical freaks – those who get bliss from the thought that there are people who want to follow their activities all day long, like pitiful, lifeless sheep? I bet you’re probably wearing $300 shoes right now too. Or go get $125 pedicures.

I’m afraid….the old “ride or die” / “down for my nggas” / “I can survive off a can of sardines and a loaf of bread, son” Aisha is gone. sigh. That was my girl!!!! For real. Damn I miss her.

That Aisha was like “yeah i got a poof cuz i don’t got money for a perm, so yeah my shit’s nappy…what son???”….This new Aisha Speaks…probably goes to a stylist and pays $85 for her hair to be put in a neo-soul poof. (shaking my head)

I miss the old Aisha!!! I really loved her. I did!>>