Leave the Black and Latino Boys in Jail *UPDATE*

Several weeks ago, I squabbled with the administrators at the group home where my client lived (See my previous blog post about it here). While my client sat in jail, I couldn’t get in touch with his social worker and the group home gave me the run-around. After a few days of phone tag, my client’s social worker got in touch with me, we met, and together we negotiated my client’s release. Without divulging more than allowable, I felt that through our combined efforts, justice was served. The results of my investigation, the social worker’s insight and the assigned prosecutor’s willingness to listen ended the case with the “victim” getting the stay-away order he needed to feel protected, and a clean record for my client. This I call a “win-win” situation. I just hope that over time, my teenage client’s wounds are healed of the minutes, hours, days he spent incarcerated. I still believe that police or correctional custody is no place for growing boys and girls. If they are too young to drink, they are too young to be locked up without counseling or other reformative care.