build with me

“Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is useless.” Psalm 127:1

In every way, I hope to honor God. With every letter I type on my blackberry, click on my laptop, I do this for Her (my Lord transcends gender, but I am tired of hearing God referred to as a “Him”). I connect with you because I believe in the power of sharing. I believe in learning from the most peculiar places; my books, my experience, my people, my twitter feed. I write for the Love of humanity, the Love of God’s creation. I share my thoughts because I hope someone out there challenges me – refines my thinking; agrees with me – nurtures my affirmation of self; can vibe with me, can grow with me, can love with me. I quoted the book of Psalms from the Bible, which is holy text for me, and I recognize it might not be holy for you. Set that aside for a moment, and let the message transcend our religious particulars. This message is several thousands of years old (if not older). Throughout the history of humankind, countless people from all over have recognized a spiritual base as being the sturdiest foundation for any movement or establishment. The idea that God permeates ALL is not germane to Judeo-Christian ideology. This message is older than my religion and probably yours too. This message of a Godly foundation and spiritual pervasiveness has been shared before someone decided to place it in the Egyptians’ scrolls or in my Holy Bible. Whether you believe in my God or not, I hope you can join me in the revolutionary thought of building with me off a foundation of LOVE. Let’s learn together, share together, unite despite our differences, recognize a common goal and build towards it through our love of self, our love of God, our love of humanity.

Some of Aisha’s goals include… eradicating racism, changing our “revolving door” prison culture, ending mass incarceration, shutting down prison industrial complexes, shifting our lifestyles to sustainable use of this beautiful earth, eating good food and growing a garden in my back yard… Love me back, join me and let’s build kindred.

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