Racist Brown girls do exist!

A few days ago, I lamented over the proposed legislation in Arizona SB 1070. I updated my twitter account with a quote from a buddy of mine, affirming that people of all races, creeds, ethnicities, should be rallying against Arizona’s legislation. I won’t go into the details of my opposition because Dr. L’Heureux Lewis captures SB 1070’s flaws quite well in this piece. (he also has a follow up piece “Arizona: For Whites Only?” that you should read as well)

Somehow, a young lady saw my tweet in opposition of Arizona’s legislation and started sharing her opposition to my views. Here I was, excited at the opportunity to possibly learn something from someone who disagrees with me. Boy was I wrong.

ENTER: *Racist Brown Girl*

Racist Brown Girl (who I’ll refer to as RBG from here on out) did not share with me a single piece of sound support for Arizona’s legislation. She shared propaganda of Mexicans supposedly bringing criminal activity to Arizona, and how rude I was for not considering the needs of Arizona residents who deserve providence from such violence. I tried to discuss racial profiling and she dismissed it as irrelevent and inapplicable to the statute. Everything she was saying sounded no different from the racial stereotypes and propoganda we heard from German politicians seeking to discriminate against and place Jews in ghettoes (and later concentration camps). What her race or ethnic background was seemed irrelevant. The hate she was sharing bore no color – it was just straight up, racist hate for undocumented immigrants… Specifically the Mexican ones. When I called her out on her prejudiced views, she snapped back “I bet you didn’t know I was Mexican”. No, I didn’t know this… But whether she was Mexican, Haitian, or white-American is of no consequence. RBG bred hate for a particular ethnic group, and she sought to use her power as a Mexican-born Naturalized American in Arizona to support for the oppression of that group.

I used to think that “racism” was not something anyone brown could ever be guilty of. However, if we are to consider the possibility of privilege across varius socio-economic classes, as well as gender and race populations, then certainly the same can be said for racism. If I use whatever power I have to oppress my own people, this essentially makes me a Racist Brown Girl… Or at the very least, a Brown Supporter of Racist Ideology. I feel no greater reassurance that racism is disappearing if all that is happening is a browning of the faces keeping it alive. Beware the Racist Brown Girl!