Embracing My Chunky Tender

From age 15 until age 27, my weight was between 120 and 130 lbs (I don’t know metrics, so please don’t ask me about kilos). In the 6 – 8 weeks leading up to my 28th birthday, I started packing on weight. One late night dinner here, I gained two pounds. Pizza for breakfast (yummmmmm… piiiiizzzzaaa), put on another pound & a half. Chicken avocado sandwich & fries for lunch, another three pounds. I now find myself at a plump 143 lbs, only 7 pounds less than my best friend – who happens to be 6 months pregnant. Woe is me… I’m a chunky tender. What made me feel “chunky” was my inability to find anything in my closet that fits. What what made me feel so “tender”, was how WONDERFUL I’ve been feeling as of late! With my new weight, I have more energy, I have more curves and for the first time in my life, I am not anemic! Epic, right? Absolutely. Catch me soon at a blood donation center near you!

Now, I’ll admit – I nearly fell in the insecure slump of “slender girl gone thick” when the lovely suits I wore to Sorority Rush as a 19 year old co-ed, no longer fit. I was always that girl who ate like a wildebeast, but who had the tiny waist & lovely thighs. So letting go of the rigid image of “lovely thighs” fitting in size 2 slacks was a struggle for me. I have come to the realization that… My thighs are even lovelier with this extra flesh. While at work, I steal a pinch or two of my thick thighs, amazed at my physique. I’m grateful. I feel beautiful. Through the help of my friends Adrian and Breanne, I was able to let go of my size 2 dresses and cozy up into a 6 (I just need to go buy some clothes that fit and quit wearing booty-cupping wrap dresses though).

I’ll keep this post short and sweet… The point is, I feel healthy. I look good. I am embracing any added chunkiness because it belongs here. I hope you can do the same!

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