Some Rest For The Weary

Today marks my 3rd day back to work. I tried to pull off walking without my cane when I first came back from medical leave, but by the time I got back from court at 12:30, my feet were ready to betray me for my indolence. Alas… I am with cane for Day 3.

I’m a boroughbred New Yorker. I’ve been riding the MTA since birth it seems. Therefore, I know we can be wrapped up in our own world on the subway. Keeping this in mind, I readied myself for the possibility that I might have to stand my entire train ride. Doctor’s orders are that I spend no more than 30 minutes at a time standing, so taking the subway will be in direct violation of my doctor’s orders. Nevertheless, I persist and am determined to take the subway to work.

So here I am! There were ample seats on the first leg of my trip, but not so for the second leg of my trip on the E train into Queens where my office is. This train is packed with business professionals who work in East Midtown and Long Island City. This means they’re really on the E train for only a few stops.

As I was standing there, leaning on my cane to help relieve pressure off my most recently operated foot, I noticed an older woman trying to get my attention.  I look over and I see a woman, nearly old enough to be my grandmother, reach over, grab my arm and say “you need your rest for work today. have a seat!”  Despite my protestations, this older black woman smiled lovingly and demanded that I take her seat.  She stood and smiled my way from Lexington & 51st St to Queens Plaza where she exited.