Maybe I blossomed since then… and that’s okay #31WriteNow

While talking to one of my line sisters, she mentioned that someone recently asked her whether I went through puberty late – as in, since-we-graduated-from-college late (which I’m pretty sure is biologically impossible at 21). I’ll spare the details, but essentially she was offended for me until the person she was speaking to clarified that they meant to compliment me. My line sister gave me what I felt was the greatest compliment a woman could ever give me. "You were beautiful all along," she said, recounting for me all the oddities I manifested at 19 when we first met and how they were the foundation of the seeking and learning that became the brick and mortar of who I am now, nearly 12 years later. "People didn’t know how to recognize you back then at Morgan. That’s all!" Like @theredpillpusha aptly shared on twitter, "The butterfly was within the caterpillar all along" grateful.