what a day.

what a day.

is there a convenient time to sprain your ankle? probably not. But I’d say spraining your ankle while you are walking into court to supervise an intern and cover for a colleague in need, while having a busy toddler eager to play with you at home and a spouse out of town is maybe peak inconvenience.

that said, if I ever needed a reminder of how crucial it is to build your community and live at the center of it, this was it. today was my day!

my parents, my chosen family, my friends swooped in and arranged my whole life in this unexpected time of need. I’m so grateful & I pray that those with constant & persistent times of need receive this blessing I enjoyed today.

my supervisor, colleagues & intern and their enthusiasm to handle what I couldn’t with my swollen propped up ankle has floored me. floored.

Most of all, today affirmed for me that New Yorkers are loving, caring, generous and amazing. I couldn’t be more grateful to be a New Yorker than today. From the women who walked into the street to stop cars when I fell in the crosswalk and could. not. move… to the teen who held my hand and reminded me I was strong, to the shop-owner & passerbys who carried me onto the sidewalk and affirmed me, offered food, comfort and finally paused to patiently ask me "you tell us what is best when you’re ready" and "what will make you feel better?" along with "we will be here as long as you need us" to the cab driver Leon who didn’t turn on his meter & carried me into a wheel chair with the help of Pauline (who stopped traffic to save me) and brought me to urgent care.

the caresses on my shoulders. the words of affirmation. being carried and held. I had angry-prayed that morning about my inability to receive these very things from my spouse in person that day since he was out of town, yet God conspired to send them to me anyway.

thank God for these good samaritans. Today was a great day to sprain my ankle.