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What is this thing… called AGAPE?

Yesterday, during a fairly unproductive day in the office (my job is to give advice to other lawyers. If they’re all on vaca, my work day is empty), I stumbled upon a conversation… Continue reading

One Good Cry

STOP RIGHT THERE… Before you go any further, I want you to go somewhere private, away from noise, in a comfortable place… Relax your muscles, reach deep down in the pit of your… Continue reading

Campaign to End Death Penalty: CCNY 4/21/2010

A National Speaking Tour of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty  LYNCHING THEN, LYNCHING NOW: ROOTS OF RACISM AND THE DEATH PENALTY IN THE U.S.   Join us for a teach-in tour… Continue reading

build with me

“Unless the Lord builds a house, the work of the builders is useless.” Psalm 127:1 In every way, I hope to honor God. With every letter I type on my blackberry, click on… Continue reading

Rebel Sanctuary – St. Mary’s Episcopal

I wasn’t raised with much of a religious foundation. At one point, we abided by an Ital diet, worshipped Egyptian dieties, celebrated every Eid, and even attended Catholic mass. The one thing that… Continue reading

Shyne the Martyr

Welcome Back Shyne, or should I say Mr. Leviy.  I would love to hear about your spiritual journey while incarcerated.  Some would say you sacrificed your freedom for Diddy‘s (and J Lo’s) convenience.  But… Continue reading

libations of love

i pour libations of love for those who have died this year… The ritual of pouring libations can be found in various cultures.  Isaiah speaks on the end of the Man of Sorrow who “poured… Continue reading

Spiritual Pickpockets?

In seems to me that in times of desperation, we are extremely impressionable, we accept hope in its most perverse forms and our faith in God is strengthened. We’re convinced our misfortune is… Continue reading

Real Men are Feminists

*written Thursday March 13, 2008* A real dude, who does real things is a feminist. A Godly man, who seeks the heart of God is ready for an “ezer kenegdo” {ezer: powerful helper/strong… Continue reading

Slice of life

Aaah, life seems like it could be so much more exciting in retrospect. I could have done this while I had that and when I was still this… How annoying – I wish… Continue reading