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… [and] the greatest of these is LOVE #31WriteNow

God will move the universe to prove you wrong if she so chooses. Since fall 2011, I’ve been leading an African rites of passage in Harlem crafted for young adults of the diaspora… Continue reading

and somehow my life purpose got compromised…

These past few days (weeks? months?) I’ve noticed something different about myself, my life, my reaction to things, like my joie de vivre is or has been compromised. If we measure the “something… Continue reading

home is where my habits have a habitat

I am grateful for space where I can be myself freely, express myself freely and be appropriately critiqued and molded into excellence, or a shadow of it, whatever and however excellence might mean… Continue reading

I love you. Don’t call me

I look at my phone, and I notice I’ve missed calls from 5 people. Neither of them mention why they’re calling. Neither of them are sufficiently versed in technology to come find me… Continue reading

Why are we here, if not for each other?

“Provisions for others is a fundamental responsibility of human life.” -Woodrow Wilson During the 10 weeks of recovery from foot surgery, my sense of self began to morph. I was challenging my identity… Continue reading

Some Rest For The Weary

Today marks my 3rd day back to work. I tried to pull off walking without my cane when I first came back from medical leave, but by the time I got back from… Continue reading