Some Rest For The Weary

Today marks my 3rd day back to work. I tried to pull off walking without my cane when I first came back from medical leave, but by the time I got back from… Continue reading

We Run This City

My loves, I write this for you… You who run this amazing city – New York – yet take no credit for doing so. This is for the proud New Yorkers that travel… Continue reading

Embracing My Chunky Tender

From age 15 until age 27, my weight was between 120 and 130 lbs (I don’t know metrics, so please don’t ask me about kilos). In the 6 – 8 weeks leading up… Continue reading

One Good Cry

STOP RIGHT THERE… Before you go any further, I want you to go somewhere private, away from noise, in a comfortable place… Relax your muscles, reach deep down in the pit of your… Continue reading

6 months later: Melancholy for the “Unscathed” Haitians

Greetings to whoever reads this. I’m typing this on my cellular phone, while on the train, heading to work, disappointed that I didn’t bring anything to read for the train ride. I just… Continue reading

girls will be girls

*this post is inspired by the expressed thoughts of Zidonia, Linda, Genine, Dumi and Dr. Goddess* I don’t ever want to hear “boys will be boys” ever again… If I must hear this… Continue reading

the 48 second Arraignment Interview

“Are you a legal aid, or a lawyer?” To which I respond… “I’m a lawyer with the Legal Aid society.” My client glares at me behind a cornucopia of perforated plexiglass and metal… Continue reading

Racist Brown girls do exist!

A few days ago, I lamented over the proposed legislation in Arizona SB 1070. I updated my twitter account with a quote from a buddy of mine, affirming that people of all races,… Continue reading

Passion Among Gods

“In a few days, be ready to die. You knew already, but I’m reminding you of your purpose. My children, your people, our church, are all depending on your death. All of humanity… Continue reading

Campaign to End Death Penalty: CCNY 4/21/2010

A National Speaking Tour of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty¬† LYNCHING THEN, LYNCHING NOW: ROOTS OF RACISM AND THE DEATH PENALTY IN THE U.S. ¬† Join us for a teach-in tour… Continue reading