Throwback Thoughts

02.16.1997 Confused andDesperateNot knowing where to go orWhat to do with him or herselfthe Black youth seeks answersto which the questions are unknownYearning for knowledge which cannot beTaughtSearching for aSource of loveNatural or… Continue reading

politics from a dummy

Sunday, June 25, 2006 so this weekend i was supposed to party w/friends, cousins, line-sisters, etc… but instead, i camped in the house with moms and chatted the whole weekend. i left ny… Continue reading

Capital Punishment

Wednesday May 24, 2006 The German government refuses to turn a convict into an instrumentality of crime prevention to the detriment of his or her constitutionally protected right to social worth & respect.… Continue reading

crawling out of misery to land into poverty

Monday, April 14, 2006 Current mood: sad Every day, I wake up and remind myself – today is the day of the Lord – life is precious – i am loved – i… Continue reading

connection is… elucidating

Monday, April 10, 2006 connection is… elucidating Current mood: relieved So my baby brother called me finally. He had some personal time today, and he shared some of that scarce personal time with… Continue reading

Hello world!

my very first word press blog… i’ve come to realize I don’t really have much to say

Father’s Day Devotional

I visited the closest mega-bookstore in the hopes to find a spiritual guidance book for men that I could give to my brother for Father’s Day. It seemed like a reasonable thing to… Continue reading

Slice of life

Aaah, life seems like it could be so much more exciting in retrospect. I could have done this while I had that and when I was still this… How annoying – I wish… Continue reading

aisha thought 1

sometimes, i go through phases where i have to wonder what the next step is. and when i say “next step”, i don’t mean this in any intangible futuristic non-concrete fashion, but really…… Continue reading

couple hours later

i just wrote all these thoughts and the machine deleted them.. or is that simply a fragment of my imagination? i would hope not. i wrote about my fascination with the german language,… Continue reading