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Leave the Black and Latino Boys in Jail *UPDATE*

Several weeks ago, I squabbled with the administrators at the group home where my client lived (See my previous blog post about it here). While my client sat in jail, I couldn’t get in touch… Continue reading

Frustrated Practice

My mind is flooded with frustrations about my practice. While starting a post on the talented artists of Horizon Academy at Rikers Island, I suddenly started thinking about the parents who don’t bail… Continue reading

Leave the Black & Latino Boys in Jail

Friday November 20, 2009 I worked night arraignments & of course represented several teenage boys (all black & latino) for varying petty offenses. One particular case involved three 16 yr old boys at… Continue reading

“Good” Hair – A Global Issue

So here I am in Canada with one of my closest friends and sorority sisters, Sherema. We came to relax, enjoy time away from the dirt and grime of NYC (and shhhh! to… Continue reading

who you callin “African American”?

Yesterday (Monday 9/28/09), 2 lawyers in my office started asking me questions about my neighborhood.  I was born and raised in Manhattan (spent childhood in Africa & Caribbean while Mother was in school) specifically… Continue reading

raging aish’

      Friday, June 15, 2007  So the plan was not to fool around too much with myspace at all until I was done w/the bar… just deviating from the plan for… Continue reading