Citizenry & Civics

I do intend to finish my last Healthcare post, however the NYC Primaries being tomorrow, posting on civics seemed fitting and necessary. 

As defined by wikipedia, civics is the stvoteudy of rights and duties of citizenship. It is our duty as American citizens, and particularly residents of the great New York State to be interested and involved in the operation and oversight of government.  One of my clients asked me the other day how his case would affect his right to vote.  After advising him that his right to vote in the upcoming elections would not be affected by the case I am representing him on, he started to ask me questions about the NYC Primary tomorrow.  I must admit, not a single one of my friends or personal associates and aquaintances has ever asked about or discussed civics with me.  It makes me wonder… Do we know it all, or do we simply not care?

Here are some basics…

You can vote tomorrow 9/15

  • If you are registered to vote
  • If you are enrolled in a party holding a primary
  • If you make it to your polling place by 9pm 9/15/09

You have the right to

  • be assisted by whoever you want while voting (just not by your boss or union representative)
  • bring materials into the voting booth
  • vote by emergency paper ballot if any of the machines are broken
  • vote by affidavit if your name is not listed as a registered voter

PEOPLE… there are 152 candidates running for office – you MUST get involved in this process.  Various politicians are running for City Council – you can find out your district and other information here.  New York citizenry deserves the best candidates, the best elected officials, and we all should be informed voters.  Available positions are for Mayor, Public Advocate, Comptroller, Borough President, City Council (and for us Manhattanites, District Attorney – but that would be general election).  Read up on the candidates here.

Happy Voting Citizens!