what a day.

what a day. is there a convenient time to sprain your ankle? probably not. But I’d say spraining your ankle while you are walking into court to supervise an intern and cover for… Continue reading

Why should I pay for college? No thanks #31WriteNow

Time and time again the tuition dance pops up in conversations with family members and loved ones. I’ve evolved from boldly reciting the mantra that "the best school is free school" to a… Continue reading

Maybe I blossomed since then… and that’s okay #31WriteNow

While talking to one of my line sisters, she mentioned that someone recently asked her whether I went through puberty late – as in, since-we-graduated-from-college late (which I’m pretty sure is biologically impossible… Continue reading

empty aplogies #31WriteNow

Someone shared a story on some social media site a few weeks ago where they told a story – a parable of sorts – on the meaningless apology. I don’t remember where I… Continue reading


Today, day one of our family vacation, my 3 sisters-in-law and I took our deliberate time piling into the biggest vehicle among us, deliberate time cruising down the Ocean City strip, and deliberate… Continue reading

… [and] the greatest of these is LOVE #31WriteNow

God will move the universe to prove you wrong if she so chooses. Since fall 2011, I’ve been leading an African rites of passage in Harlem crafted for young adults of the diaspora… Continue reading

Black August: Mind Body Soul #31WriteNow

Every summer, I ponder on Black August and its significance in my life. July 31 seems to crash into me all too soon as I try to determine what comfort I’ll forgo during… Continue reading

and somehow my life purpose got compromised…

These past few days (weeks? months?) I’ve noticed something different about myself, my life, my reaction to things, like my joie de vivre is or has been compromised. If we measure the “something… Continue reading

If Santa brought you a Kindle… (guest post)

by Michael Taglieri E-book readers were one of the top gifts this year, and the fight over which one is the smallest/lightest/cheapest will continue for many more rounds. But there’s another issue that… Continue reading

It’s [spiritual] Sabotage!!!!

Few know whether the spirit that is guiding is a spirit of light or one we made up. If left unexamined, unchecked, and unconfirmed, these loosey-goosey beliefs and practices can get us in… Continue reading