random thoughts on the R train to Astoria

thank God I didn’t get caught in the golf ball sized hail

i should stop telling people NOT to go to law school. some people like torture. who am i to stand in their way?

i really miss the DMV music scene. sad admitting this all the way from NYC

don’t you just love Bilal Salaam? would love to see him again and see him perform live

must explore cures for addiction to iPad

how do people get their homes so well decorated days after moving in? i’m still reorganizing. i’ve no clue how i plan on decorating

don’t kids play handball anymore? i see plenty kids doing IT in the park, not handball

why is finding a therapist so difficult? everyone i ask, they want to know what’s wrong. dude. I do physical check ups, why not mental too? not to mention it would give me free reign to tell people “you need therapy” without them being able to accuse me of offending them

whenever i try to hook up any of my hetero homegirls with guys i am cool with but never tried to date, they wanna know what’s wrong with him. nothing is wrong. i just don’t want him just like i don’t want the clothes you like nor the wigs you rock. simple

how do people save for retirement when they eat out all the time?

Teva sandals are awesome. so comfy. i wonder if they design a ‘pretty’ line so i can wear a pair on my wedding day without looking like i don’t give a damn

my, where has summer gone?