libations of love

i pour libations of love for those who have died this year… The ritual of pouring libations can be found in various cultures.  Isaiah speaks on the end of the Man of Sorrow who “poured out his life unto death” (53:12).  We also see libations being poured in Indian culture (using ghee – clarified butter) see wiki.  When I lived in Haiti, one of the women who lived in our compound would pour a portion of her beverage on the ground before drinking in thanks for the blessing others have been to her.  As such, I pour libations of love for some of the wonderful people who have touched the lives of many that we lost this year.


DJ AM – He may have taken his life.  So young.  I can’t help but wonder if his hope and will to live could have been restored with a surge of faith in something/someone.  d. 8/28/09

dj AM

Ted Kennedy – losing you brought tears to my eyes.  For once, a rich white man who gave a damn.  A man of his word, a true statesman. d. 8/25/09

kennedybrothersEunice Kennedy Shriver – your dedication to the rights of persons with disabilities was a testament of your grace and love for humanity… d. 8/11/09

eunice kennedy shriverReverend Ike – For so long, my family would eat at Malecon, across the street from your congregation.  We weren’t Christians, but we always took heed of your wisdom… d. 7/28/09

Rev Ike United ChurchFarrah Fawcett – a legend, a beauty, a darling.  She was adored by many. d. 6/25/09

Farrah FawcettMichael Jackson – touched millions with his beautiful music and eclectic style.  Unfortunately taken from us too soon.  May he rest in peace… d. 6/25/09

michael-jacksonSo many other beautiful souls have lost their lives, but hopefully gained an everlasting life in Heaven!