We all KNOW the Serial Rapist

Chances are we know this guy.  How many times have we mentioned “how small” New York is? Six degrees of separation? I live in the microcosm of Harlem where I feel like I know everyone and yet this serial rapist is on the prowl.  What truly saddens me and breaks my heart is the fact that these random acts of violence are being perpetuated by this mystery man who can only described by this photo.  On my way home tonight I noticed several news vans gathered right outside the 147th st exit of the 145th st ABCD train station.  Thinking the person who has been violating women from Hamilton Heights, Sugar Hill, Washington Heights and beyond has been caught, I rejoiced in how safe my city has become.  Imagine my chagrin when I get phonecalls from fellow neighbors checking to see if I made it home alright since the serial rapist hit again.  This time however there is video surveillance – it isn’t that clear, however it is a start.  Through the arrest of this individual who is obviously severely disturbed, these senseless depraved acts can be stopped and hopefully he gets whatever he needs to never do this again.  But what of sexual assault, sexual abuse and rape that doesn’t make the news?she needs our help

Which brings me to the purpose behind this post… Given the fact that 60.9% of all rapists are at the very least *acquaintances* to the victim, why is our media waiting for this lone serial rapist to wreck havoc before reporting on violence against women? To me, this screams “if you got raped, since you know the rapist, YOU DESERVED IT”.  We trivialize our sisters’ and mothers’ cries for help when someone they could have avoided sexually abuses and rapes them.  I am hoping that through the pain suffered by the victims of this serial rapist, we can all take greater measures to raise awarness, take preventative measures to help those who exhibit predatory behavior, and help heal the wounds of our fellow sister and mother victims. Please support the efforts of the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.  We need to get our girls and boys talking about sexual abuse NOW, as children.  The impressionable mind is much more difficult to heal as it hardens over age.