Passion Among Gods

“In a few days, be ready to die. You knew already, but I’m reminding you of your purpose. My children, your people, our church, are all depending on your death. All of humanity is depending on your death. You performed miracles in the lives of others, you wrapped yourself in modesty and love, you shared your love with your flock… You taught others, you staged a revolution like no other. Nevertheless, these things you’ve done, they pale in comparison to your deathly purpose. Your divine purpose on Earth is to die. Your death is not a punishment, but a gift of life to those you love and who love you back… and those who hate you… and those who pray for your demise… and those who have no idea you even exist… and those who see you, but have no idea who you are. This is their gift of life. This is their gift of endless forgiveness and love. You are my Son. You are LORD and SAVIOR and REDEEMER and LOVER and FIGHTER and more. You are ME. You are GOD.”

I can’t even imagine hearing someone tell me something like that. I can’t help but think about the pressure I would feel. I would probably cry, pout, complain, rationalize my life. As far as I know, the Prince of Peace did none of that. Ponder on the pressure and stress Jesus Christ must have felt as his last days on Earth grew closer and closer. This final week of Jesus’ life, this psychological and physical torment, is PASSION WEEK. His passion saved us from ourselves. His suffering spared us from spiritual devastation. His death gave us everlasting life.

Share your divine purpose with others. Honor it. Love yourself and your neighbor. Rejoice in God’s Love. Happy Easter

Love, Aisha
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