lighten up. we’re all gonna die anyway

“lighten up. we’re all gonna die anyway.”

I am tired of hearing this when I bring up someone else’s plight and oppression… This year, I tweeted while watching the Superbowl, enjoying commentary on the game and the commercials from fellow tweets and such.  Good times… At one point, a commercial ran featuring the majestic Himalayan mountains and the people of Tibet.  Upon briefly mentioning the Tibetan crisis, the commercial then abandoned all reference to the actual human suffering in Tibet to promote the discounted fish curry one could get via Groupon.

Now, I am not trying to discuss Tibet and this commercial necessarily (especially since Groupon has decided to pull the commercial), but rather the response I received upon sharing my disappointment with this commercial’s trivialization of the human rights abuses suffered by Tibet’s people and land.

“You get offended easily” a loved one told me (via Twitter)

Reading that tweet instantly brought me back to a conversation I had with my friend Rayon several years ago over “sensitivity” and people who are “easily offended”.  Rayon’s position was that being offended is something one can control.  Why make every issue matter?  If everything is of no issue, nothing can ever get you riled up.  Sensitivity need not be part of your life.  Live above it.  These are the conclusions we came to.  I agreed with him then.  But I believe in humanity more, now and cannot allow my heart and mind to be that cut off from the rest of this world. (and we all evolve, grow, change, regress, morph… so Rayon might agree with me now too). 

EVERYTHING is of issue because I love humanity.  I love opportunity.  I love equality.  I love access.  I love my neighbor.  I hate injustice.  I hate oppression.  I hate the subjugation of many for the comfort of some.  When my loved one tweeted that I was easily offended, his message was part jest, part reality.  I must appear to be mad to him and many others in my life, but I can’t allow myself to turn a blind eye to injustice against others simply because it doesn’t directly affect me

enough with the rambling aish… get to the point!

the point

Before asking someone why they’re so “offended” and “sensitive”, consider the possibility that there might be something about this situation that you know nothing of.  Ask yourself whether you’ve exhausted the possibility of being the insensitive one.  What sort of sensitivity might you be lacking that keeps you from being an understanding ally to a marginalized, oppressed group?  Whenever you find yourself wondering “what’s the big deal?” recognize your privilege in being able to avoid said crisis, and be grateful that you’re so removed, it requires active consciousness to recohnize the problem.

When people emphasize over-sensitivity, as a flaw, I disagree.  Sensitivity is the culmination of “humanity” in its rarest and purest form. ~ Dumi

Having the choice to decide whether someone else’s oppression or plight is worth your outrage, is a blessing.  I try my best not to throw it in anyone’s face.  I pray that you too, can do the same.